Well I have spent a wonderful weekend with seven other people and two staff from the Karuna Institute. The weekend was an introduction to Mindfulness in Realtionship and Core Process Psychotherapy. It was a truly enlightening weekend. It struck me that there are similarities with Core Process and Clinical Hypnotherapy. The one thing of note that struck me was awareness of self. Sometimes not as easy as we would like it to be. Learning to notice changes in feelings or as I refer to them emotional states. With an emotional state there will be internal dialogue, that voice inside. Sometimes we are not always aware of this internal dialogue. There can be restfulness and a peace in recognising and sensing the inner voice and respecting that it has a right to be there.

So if you want to try then take 5-10 minutes to sit quietly, no distractions and just notice your breathing. Focus just on your breathing and the bottom of the breath between breathing out the next breath in. When you have done so for a few minutes notice what feelings are present in the body. Just feel your body.