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Weight Loss & Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Have you tried to diet and not succeeded?  Have you ever wondered why you haven’t lost weight?  There is a huge industry out there ready to sell books, diets and diet foods.  So why do diets so often fail?

I believe the answer lays within our beliefs.  The decision to diet or lose weight it a conscious decision.  “I am going to start a diet tomorrow” it is that simple isn’t it?  Obviously it isn’t that simple, it can be as if something has over ruled the decision to diet. Something is hidden beliefs about our self, our abilities, our environment or our identity. This hidden belief has other intentions and is where the success or failure of diet really lays.  So how can you uncover these hidden parts of you?  That is where a talking therapy comes in.

There will be a positive intention behind that part of you that always undermines your best effort to lose weight.  It is finding this hidden part of you, identifying what that positive intention is, and why it came about that will allow you to succeed at your diet.

How long does this take? I can not answer that because everyone one is unique. For some it is a quick process and for others the slow uncovering of hidden parts that have held them back takes time, and a safe therapeutic relationship.

So if you want to know more about how talking therapy can help you succeed in losing weight call me for a chat.