Anger management

Anger Management

There can be a host of reasons behind the emotion we call anger. Anger can be legitimate, it can also be repressed or archaic, meaning it has come from somewhere in the past.

There can be a number of approaches to working with anger.  With anger management as it is often called, I seek to help you understand yourself and your anger.  I believe with understanding comes awareness and through awareness you can begin to find behaviour and emotional responses that are better suited to how you want to live your life and be in relationships.

My approach is to build a relationship with you and through this confidential, safe and trusting relationship I seek to help you understand at a deeper level how your anger happens and any reasons behind it.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to understanding anger.  Each person is unique and experiences anger in their own unique way.  If you want to change your anger response a much deeper awareness of how you are in relationship with others is part of my psychotherapy approach.

Understanding and changing anger is a commitment from yourself to yourself.