Couples counselling

Couples Therapy

Couples counselling, couples therapy, marriage relationship counselling all describe the same thing. That is help for your relationship as a couple. I work with couples who are experiencing difficulty in their relationship.  Problems in relationship can often be present for some time before they become significant enough to seek help with. I offer a safe, secure, confidential and non judge-mental place in which to be heard.

So how can couples counselling help and what can I offer you as a couples therapist?  My background is in Transactional Analysis.  This in depth understanding of how we communicate (transact) allows me to work with couples, helping them examine what is actually happening in their relationship.  Does it sometimes sound like a parent is talking to you?  or seem that there is some childish behaviour?  This is sometimes a clue that things from the past are being brought into the present and affecting the relationship.  As a couples therapist I initially offer a fixed number of appointments for couples to examine their relationship in a way that they may never have done so before.  There are many factors that can impact upon a relationship and as a relationship counsellor I work with the two of you who are in the relationship.