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John Paradise Therapy

New Year – Old Resolutions

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It is that time of year when many people decide to make a resolution to change something in their life. The decision to change is normally a conscious decision. A decision taken with the waking or here & now mind. How often have you tried and failed to make that change. The likelihood is that your unconscious mind prevents you. The unconscious mind runs the body’s programmes in the background. So no matter what you may consciously decide to change the chances are that your own unconscious mind will undermine your best efforts.


This is where clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can help. Therapy can facilitate you in making the changes you want to at a behavioural and unconscious level. Change the programme in the background (the unconscious) and your conscious mind can achieve your goals easily.


Whether you are seeking short term goal focussed therapy or more long term in depth therapy to make changes, contact me to discuss your needs.