Support for Bereavement

Bereavement & Loss

The word bereavement is often used to describe the permanent loss through death of a significant other.  There are phases of grief in bereavement.  Bereavement is the act, where grief is the process that accompanies it.  Bereavement involves loss off relationship, change and the stress of coping with new circumstances and on some occasions, trauma.  Loss affects all aspects of a person’s life.  Loss can mean making lots of adjustments some of which will be easier than others.  Loss through bereavement can affect a person in any of the following ways:

  • They may question their own purpose and where / who they are.

  • Have trouble expressing their emotions or letting go of emotion.

  • Death can open up big questions, what is life about.

  • How to manage day to day such as getting kids to school or shopping.

  • Grief can be an exhausting process and is a major form of stress.

  • There may be implications for finances, property, perhaps having to move house.

Bereavement Support

I have previously worked as a bereavement support volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care, a national charity.  Cruse Bereavement Care offers free support for bereavement to people, you may wish to consider their service.  Through John Paradise Therapy I offer safe, secure and confidential help and support for bereavement should you want immediate bereavement support.  I also offer professional help and support for

bereavement prior to the end of life, for those diagnosed with life threatening illness, when  support and help is needed for family, partners or those who are diagnosed.