List of Symptoms

Symptoms Treated

There is no definitive list of symptoms or isses that I work with.  If something is causing you difficulty then it is likely that therapy can help.  I will certainly let you know if I am unable to help you and where possible I will refer you to a suitable health professional.
Symptoms treated are wide and as varied as people themselves and would certainly include:
Anger problems



General dissatisfaction with life
Unwanted behaviour problems
Relationship issues
Sexual issues
Depression / Anxiety
Suicidal thoughts or impulsesBereavement or Loss

Identity problems

Low self esteem or self confidence.

Personal development.

Psychotherapists are trained to look beyond the presenting problems in order to determine any possible underlying cause or causes.  Psychotherapy can be long term commitment, which may take months or years. Counselling is similar to psychotherapy in that it is a talking therapy.

Hypnotherapy is an elegant for of therapy for phobias and other issues that can be changed in a shorter time.  Call me to discuss your needs.